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WIKIMEDIA  Foundation

March      2017

This piece was originally made for The Chip Shop Awards' 'Best Charity Ad' category.


Wikipedia is there to spread and share knowledge. The world needs an open and accessible fountain of knowledge and people need to see the benefits of simply knowing more. Let’s get them thinking, asking, and asking questions. Of the old Ottoman proverb, “rüzgar eken fırtına biçer” // “sow the wind, reap the whirlwind” (‘It is not shameful to ask, it is shameful not to know’). Let's encourage people to be inquisitive about their world. Let us show them why it's fun to learn.


I also really liked the idea of this being an ongoing campaign. The Wikimedia Foundation could not only have this as a burst of donations over the time frame of the hypothetical campaign, but it could later become everybody’s “fact of the day” type platform with a constantly learning world. People could discuss with friends and want to learn more.


“Hey, I saw this Wiki fact this morning and it said that in March 2008, a team of 72 divers simultaneously ironing underwater set a new world's record for number of people ironing underwater at once”.


Let’s ask questions and find out more.

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