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Penguin Random House Placement

This time last week, I was saying my goodbyes to the Marketing team over at Penguin Random House UK.

It was an interesting experience. The first big, globally recognised brand I've ever worked for. The first company which when people asked me where I was working, they generally didn't come back with, "oh that's interesting... what do they do?" It's Penguin! The first company which made paperbacks accessible to everybody. Quite possibly, the company which created generations of bookworms by making books cheap enough for anybody to buy, read, and enjoy them...

One of the highlights of my time there was one of my first tasks. As menial as it sounds, it was to make a display for one of their bestsellers at the time, you may have heard about it. Jordan Peterson's chart-topping, 12 Rules for life: an Antidote to Chaos. I'd be lying if I wasn't a little bit overly excited for this, not particularly because I had some little hand in the work that went into the publicising of a Jordan Peterson project, but the man himself actually saw what I did. You can see what I made below.

One bonus for anybody who goes to Penguin Random House for any work experience is that you might find yourself lucky enough to be invited to meetings. It sounds pretty boring but sometimes these meetings are with authors. And, sometimes, these authors may be people you already are aware of. Fortunately for me, my second meeting was with the author of the book Bullshit Jobs, a Theory. You likely haven't heard of this one as it's being published in May, but I managed to sit in the same room as David Graeber and listen to him speak.

This was a particularly surreal moment for me. Not in the sense that I was fangirling or struggling keep my calm in the room. David Graeber is someone I've listened to multiple times through his lectures on YouTube. He's an academic, an anthropologist, and opinionated. He's the exact kind of person I spend my time listening to. And now, I was in the same room as him and listening to him say what he says with a front row seat. Furthermore, I managed to get an advanced reading copy of his book!

Overall, I can say I was truly happy to spend two-weeks at Penguin. Obviously, I did try to expand my time there but they seem to have a very structured work experience scheme. The two weeks they offer is the only two weeks you'll have. But, I now have first corporate level experience in an internationally recognised brand.

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