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september 2017

Revisiting The Chip Shop Awards, I fancied another go at the 'best ad without a visual' category. What this category requires is simple but could be an arguably difficult approach for some brands to market


I gave myself Blanx, a brand which offers specialist tooth whitening products, as a hypothetical client. I was sat at my desk staring at things around my room and noticed an empty Colgate box in my bin. I started looking into some stuff and here you can see the result.


The Background colour isn't just a randomly selected off-white, but it's what dentists would refer to as 'A2'. According to The Telegraph, A2 is the colour of tooth 'most people are born with'. British Dental Health Foundation states that 48% of Brits are unhappy with their teeth, 64% of which put it down to discoloured teeth being the main cause of their unhappiness.

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